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Starbucks and Barnes and Noble

The Runtyun went to a Christmas party and they had a swap of presents. Well, we all know how that works and to make a long story short, she ended up with a gift card to Starbucks. Yey!
Sunday, we decided to go to Barnes and Noble to redeem my book card and fulfill her caffeine addiction.
She must have had a premonition, because she would not get into line until I went with her. It turns out the cafe that sells Starbucks at Barnes and Noble, is not a Starbucks at all!
They have the Starbucks colors and designs, but they don't except gift cards!
I stopped going to Barnes and Noble a while ago due to their refusal to honor a gift card my parents had. I found their attitude lousy and unresponsive to my needs as a customer. And I stopped going to that coffee shop because I don't like the way they pay their Baristas and how they push out the little local coffee shops. However for Christmas, one of my presents was a Gift card for them and of course the Runtyun's gift card helped to s…