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A few thoughts swimming around my brain

Two very interesting things happened to me while I was working yesterday . They made me think and look a little deeper into my being than I have in a while.
I listen to a radio talk show pretty much every day. I have gotten to “know” the personalities of the host and her Mooks. I enjoy what they talk about and sometimes feel superior to them because of their immature ways. Yet as a listener, I have become accustomed to their hair-brained ways and even like them for what they have to say. The hostess, Stephanie Miller is fun and interesting and a true character. She flirts with me and all of her other listeners and creates a smile from deep down inside my darkend soul.
As I said, she is consistent in her comedy and her views on life, some might say are, “Predictable”. Yet this is a good thing. In our world of uncertainty, it is good to know I can count on something predictable. Every once in a while though, she will come out and show her bare heart. Sometimes she is touched by something …