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User Dreams

The other night I had a dream. It was such a powerful dream that it woke me up from a deep sleep, sweating and nervous. As with most dreams the details faded quickly, but I attempted to remember what I could. (Note to self: keep a pad of paper to help with remembering this kind of thing.) The first part of it is foggy. It had something to do with the-mother-of-my-daughter and the road to hell we both shared.
In my dream, it is called a User DreamI was with the Runtyun's mother and she was trying to get some drugs and I think we must have gotten some because we pulled our sticks out and, I think, get everything ready to use them. I seem to remember finally lighting the rock and hearing the crackle of melting... This is where I usually wake feeling the disorientation of it all. 
This time though, there was a pause in the dream. How do I describe it? If you are watching TV and the program ends, but the commercial is not queued up there is a black spot in time when you know something will be coming up and waiting is the only thing to do.
After the pause in my dream, everything changed, as they do in dreams. I was much older and clean for a long time, but I had finally given into the constant desire to succumb. Somehow, I had attained a used stem with lots of residue and I was trying to find more of the shit to use. In the dream, my greatest desire was to scrape that pipe and smoke the residue.
As I was trying to score, the stem seemed to grow and grow, from the size of a thin pencil it grew, until it would not fit in my pocket. While it was growing, I still could not score any dope. Finally it got so large I had to carry it with two hands and still I could not get anything to put in it. In the dream, the stem got so large I had to throw it over my shoulder like a soldier does with a rifle. I was desperate to fill that pipe!
Finally, and I don't know how or why, I just got fed up with the whole thing. I could not get anything to put into the stem, so I could not get high. The pipe was getting so big I could not carry it any more. I finally found a trash can and broke the glass pipe into a million pieces and...woke up.
In most cases during these dreams I will wake up and feel only the residual effects of that horrible poison. This time though, it was a full blown mind bending hit that was attacking me. I was disoriented, slightly dizzy and euphoric. And I wanted more.
Those in recovery, and are honest with themselves, will know that we will always have temptation eating away at our resolve. I went over the mental steps I have developed to help me through moments of crisis.
First I thought about the time and energy I have invested in getting better. Then thoughts of my Runtyun flowed and how much she depends on me to show a better life. My parents and the investment they made in me to get out of the terrible rut I was in. Then lastly, a Shakespeare quote came to mind. Actually, I recite it to myself a lot. It has become a kind of mantra when I have to make moral/value decisions. To thine own self be true.
I woke from that dream and struggled with temptation and I WON!
I have not had any of these user dreams for a long time. I have been living drug free for many years, almost seven and a half, I think. I have heard that the dreams seem to fade away after time. For the most part, it is true, when I first stopped using, the dreams were so intense that I almost gave into the urge. Yet after time they faded in both frequency and intensity. They still however, creep into my unconscience sleep once in awhile. The other night was the most intense and most realistic I have had in years.  My life has not changed in any way significant way, I still struggle along. I still have my Runtyun to give me smiles even though she is becoming a young adult and challenges every thing.
I do not know what triggered my dream. I have thought about the things that used to trouble me and have beaten those triggers, or at least we have come to an uneasy truce. 
I guess the best take away is that I have not restarted any bad habits and actually feel stronger for beating, once again, the strong temptation to do stupid.



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