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Another user Dream

I guess these things happen in clusters. I have this friend whom I’ll call Leggs. Maybe I’ll go into that at another time, in another post. Leggs has this unnatural ability to find the negative thought, action or circumstance into a beautiful thing. Many people have this skill with little effort. The truly wonderful thing about Leggs, is that it is a truly organic thing. In other words she does not look to find a positive from a negative, there is no dark side in her realm. The other night I must have been infected with her outlook, because, though I may have had another user dream, it was, oddly enough, an enlightening one! For the longest time I was addicted to cooking. I found my identity from it, I made my living from it and mostly loved to create food that made others happy. The truth is, there was no high greater than creating and presenting a meal to a stranger and seeing the smile my creation produced. That outlet of creativity ended about the time my full blown chemical addiction…

User Dreams

The other night I had a dream. It was such a powerful dream that it woke me up from a deep sleep, sweating and nervous. As with most dreams the details faded quickly, but I attempted to remember what I could. (Note to self: keep a pad of paper to help with remembering this kind of thing.) The first part of it is foggy. It had something to do with the-mother-of-my-daughter and the road to hell we both shared. In my dream, it is called aUser Dream, I was with the Runtyun's mother and she was trying to get some drugs and I think we must have gotten some because we pulled our sticks out and, I think, get everything ready to use them. I seem to remember finally lighting the rock and hearing the crackle of melting... This is where I usually wake feeling the disorientation of it all. This time though, there was a pause in the dream. How do I describe it? If you are watching TV and the program ends, but the commercial is not queued up there is a black spot in time when you know something wi…