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Another example of: Its SO Frustrating: Time and Inspiration

I have little time to write and develop my “voice.” Yet I seem to have lot's of time to myself when I am doing the delivery thing. One might think that I could develop stories and other things to write. I do, actually. Yet when I get home, those well formed thoughts and complete story lines are gone, like the fuel I burned all day long. Take tonight for example, The Runtyun is at her friends and I have the time to spent on writing this story that I was working on before the computer smashed-up. Truth is, during the past few days I have sat down here trying to get the thread going again---and made no progress. Something seems to always get in the way. Well, the good news is I am here doing something instead of just sitting watching T.V. My biggest excuse for not writing when the kid is not here goes kinda like... “She is not here and now I can watch what I want to.” That combined with, “It was a shit day and I deserve to relax for a bit,”seem to drain my creative processes. Its SO Fru…


I have had delusions of grandeur for the last few years. Truth is I really don’t want to work for someone else, I want to write for a living. I think I have interesting ideas and I have deluded myself into thinking that others may be interested in them. Seems I am wrong in that assumption. When I post on any of my blogs;A Daddy Grows Up: A Chronicle of Our Journey, Rants and Brain Echoes, My Rantings (a journal of thoughts), or even just update my status on Facebook, I get a smattering of views and almost no comments. Much less any follows. I spend a good amount of time writing these posts and most of the them are pertinent to something going on outside of this electronic box. I always want to have feed back from my readers and most of the time ask for it in the post. Yet I get very little. I want feed back on the content and style, yet all I get is encouragement with no editorial rebuttal. I’ll keep on trudging along writing here and working on my fictional writing too, but it sure would…