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Lost and Wondering

Yesterday I wanted to get lost and find a new place or two. I may have done just that.
There is this place called The Light Center on the way from Black Mountain to Chimney Rock on NC Hwy. 9. I have heard about it and wondered what it was all about. When I first saw the signs, years ago, I thought it was a place to buy lamps. O silly me! Then a friend let me know a little more about it. He was a county sheriff and found some reason to go up there and see what it was all about.
So I looked the place up on google and learned enough about it to want to see for myself. That was a year ago and I never seemed to have an opportunity to go there. I was even told by some one, whom I am enthralled with, that I was not in a place to experience its potential. Today was the day though.
As usual The Grinner started its low rumbling with a roar. I felt the power the engine exudes. It vibrated. The head light bounced. The Grinner shivered in anticipation. 
While I let it stand and warm. I got my helmet and stuff together. After a few minutes I cut the choke and listened to the beast fall back to sleep. The idle is too slow, so I played with it for a minute. 
Finally it was time to go. The part of the Blue Ridge Parkway I was going through is nicely wooded having bunch of paths one can follow to pleasant little walks, but for the most part, it is used as a way to get from here-to-there.
It is always a pleasure to ride it though, it many curves both smooth and predictable. I finally made it to Charlotte Highway and got gas. After that I was looking for Old Fort Road. This road is fun to ride, with lots of twists and turns, fields to ponder over and cars to keep one slow enough to enjoy it all.
My plan for this ride was to find the Light Center and see what they have to offer and then go on to get lost, not really lost but explore an unknown road which I have wanted to ride ( I heard there was a nice swimming hole perfect for a daughter and her dad).

It turns out this place is interesting. The acreage it uses has a tranquil feel with a slight breeze taking some of the heat out of the air. Some places in our world seem to have an aura exuding calm and this is one. I have experienced another called Dogtown in Gloucester, Ma. However, that is another tale.
I was met by a very pleasant lady, who was not intimidated by the bike, who handed me an information packet and offered me a chakra cleansing light show of some kind.
I looked at their library/shop of books and literature and saw a plentitude of material on alternative Christian worshipping. They also had some books on chakras. An interesting combination, I thought.
I walked a path to a little pond and heard frogs croaking and birds singing. It was refreshing and I began to feel some tension unwind, though my leg was not too happy to be walking so far.
I resolved to go back and take the time to try their chakra cleansing sensory room soon. I think I’ll go once and see how it feels, then go back after doing a little cogitating on chakras to see if I can perceive any difference. (I like when I use big words)

Drag pipes, like the ones on The Grinner, tend to be rather loud, but if I am careful I can make the rumble a little less obtrusive. I rolled out of there looking for my road to get lost on. Unfortunately, I fell behind a caravan of hay toting pick-ups. They were going really slowly and on this part of the road it’s a challenge passing anything. Now of course my friends on sport bikes may have another opinion, and during another ride I may have the same one. I bided my time and found a short straight to get around those working guys.
I settled into my pace looking for the turn out to the road and second goal of the day. While riding and contemplating the my experience wondering about the Light Center. I did not feel any profound enlightenment, merely curiosity. I will go back there, they have a number of workshops and other gathering events and the chakra cleansing room interests me a little. Now the scratch has been itched though, and there are some residual curiosities.
Finally my mystery road came up to me. It was closed so I could not get lost today. O well. 
I rode on to Lake Lure, had some lunch. I reached out to a friend, but she was working. Finally it was time for me to go home.
The ride home was typical, cars going too slow, yet giving me a chance to enjoy the world around me, so it was not so bad. 
I am not sure what I expected from this ride, nothing profound happened though. I am simply a little more curious about a new place to explore. Of course, any time I get to riding is good. 



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