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Lost and Wondering

Yesterday I wanted to get lost and find a new place or two. I may have done just that. There is this place calledThe Light Centeron the way fromBlack Mountainto Chimney Rockon NC Hwy. 9. I have heard about it and wondered what it was all about. When I first saw the signs, years ago, I thought it was a place to buy lamps. O silly me! Then a friend let me know a little more about it. He was a county sheriff and found some reason to go up there and see what it was all about. So I looked the place up on google and learned enough about it to want to see for myself. That was a year ago and I never seemed to have an opportunity to go there. I was even told by some one, whom I am enthralled with, that I was not in a place to experience its potential. Today was the day though. As usual The Grinner started its low rumbling with a roar. I felt the power the engine exudes. It vibrated. The head light bounced. The Grinner shivered in anticipation.  While I let it stand and warm. I got my helmet and st…