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It’s SO frustrating---Life

Back in the day, when life really was not so good, I tried to be a peddler. You know some one who sold trinkets to fools on the street. They told us it was not about the products we were selling(junk, btw), but the deal we were offering. While others, more experienced and successful, went by the idea that one sold one’s self. This train of thinking made the assertion that the person making the deal was the “all important factor, not the trinket, nor the the “deal.” One sold one self. Those who could make it happen on that level did very well. Me, not so much. At this point in my life, I still have the same dilemma. I cannot seem to sell myself very well.
It’s SO frustrating There is this person, very important to my family, who seems to be scared of me, or at the very least very leery of my motivations. I am not sure what I did to create this antagonism, but it is there and very real. So now it is the time for me to sell my self. I just don’t know how to assert my self and be recognized a…

It’s SO frustrating---Pandora

Back when Pandora, the free music streaming site, started, it was all free and no commercials. As I remember it was a site designed to track the listening habits of users. Then they discovered that maybe they could make some cash if they used some paste-on advertising. That was ok, if a little alarming. 
It’s SO frustrating Now you cannot go twenty minutes without having a radio commercial disrupt listening!
P.S. How do you go from Pink Floyd - Marooned - The Division Bell to Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free bird. When Lynard Skynyrd is not even a part of the playlist?!