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Another example of: It’s SO Frustrating---my first issue with US Cellular

     Let me start by saying I think that US Cellular works for me. I have, at great expense, tried a number of different carriers and found US Cellular to be the most cost effective of the lot. In most cases I have found customer service to be better than tolerable. With the exception of having to wait a long time on the phone to get almost any human attention, or waiting an eternity for any help with the reps in the store, all of my problems have been taken care of to my satisfaction. 
Until this week. The phone has been working fine until recently. It is just acting wonky, so I wanted to see about doing something about it. I went to the company store, where I have done all of my business, to have them take a look and tell me what it is I am doing wrong.
I got to the shop on Wednesday at around 1:30 and the tech had just gone on break. My luck is true. I was told that he usually takes his break at no specific time, just when he can, between customers. I have to admit I appreciated that he worked for his customers with such dedication. It was just dumb luck that my break and his worked the way it did.
Today, I just went to the store, there were cars outside and each of the reps was talking to someone, yet the repair station was locked up. I was told that the repair shop is closed on Saturdays, but if I wanted to I could go the the other location and have my phone serviced there.
My reply was that I was here, not there. I left before I vented any more supercilious comments.
Like most people my life is complicated. Unlike most people, I do not know when I will be some place at at a certain time. The work I do is varied on a daily basis, in other words each day is a different and the schedule changes, sometimes on an hourly basis. I pay a lot of money for the services that US Cellular gives me. Is it too much to ask for them to have a tech on duty when I walk in to their walk-in service?



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