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Another example of: It’s SO Frustrating---my first issue with US Cellular

Let me start by saying I think that US Cellular works for me. I have, at great expense, tried a number of different carriers and found US Cellular to be the most cost effective of the lot. In most cases I have found customer service to be better than tolerable. With the exception of having to wait a long time on the phone to get almost any human attention, or waiting an eternity for any help with the reps in the store, all of my problems have been taken care of to my satisfaction.  Until this week. The phone has been working fine until recently. It is just acting wonky, so I wanted to see about doing something about it. I went to the company store, where I have done all of my business, to have them take a look and tell me what it is I am doing wrong. I got to the shop on Wednesday at around 1:30 and the tech had just gone on break. My luck is true. I was told that he usually takes his break at no specific time, just when he can, between customers. I have to admit I appreciated that…

Why O Why

My little girl was three and so cute and good and pure. Her mother was on the street doing what she had to to get what she needed. I was trying to peddle cheap trinkets on the street, and failing miserably. I had a monkey on my back and no place to unload it. The world was closing in on me and I could not find a way out, no escape routes, no doors to smash down and escape through, nothing. I was letting my child down. I could not provide for her or even me. My bike was running on empty and the road ahead was bleak. I did not even fit into the cracked up world I was living in.
I found a place for her, but I was not welcome...more nails in my coffin. I was riding a little later trying to get things straight. It was dusk. There was this long curve around the USAF base in the town we lived in and I was riding it, not sure what to do about anything. It had been a long time since my last hit and everything was just getting too much to deal with. I drifted into the oncoming lane. There was a ca…

Requiem for Brian

When I started going through the rituals I do before writing, my iTunes list popped up. Some song came up automatically, I think it was Dream On, by Aerosmith. That song always sends me into an introverted mood. The next was Sad Lisa, by Cat Stevens.

This song brought me back to Brian. I have written a few of these letters of memorial for important people in my life---kinda wish I didn’t feel the need. It seems like the only profound emotions I have are lose and sorrow. Working at Doc’s brought out some of my less noble traits. My issues were not the fault of Doc’s, I have always had them. My addictions and narcissism would have come through at some point with or without that place. There were, and still are I presume, some very special people there. People who enabled me to keep ahold of the core person I am. 
Brian was one.
I cannot say that he was a close friend, though I wish I could. He was loyal and kind and even powerful in his own way. He could always come back with a smart-ass rem…