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It’s SO frustrating--- Multi-Tiered Gas Pricing

It’s SO frustrating--- Multi-Tiered Gas Pricing
So, I was getting gas the other day, as I do every working day. You see doing deliveries uses a lot of gas. I have an app on my phone called GasBuddy, it has a data base with all the local gas stations and their prices. The prices are uploaded from users for the most part and fairly accurate. I found a gas station with a good price, the best in town for the moment, Enmark. They had the lowest price by .10. I am thinkin, “I need to go that way anyhow…” I found my way to the station and saw that they have a cash card price and a credit price. Of course the Credit Card price is always so much more than cash. So I decided to get a cash card. The attendant said it was a CASH CARD, I could not use my debit card to buy it. It’s SO frustrating I get it that companies need to attract more business, but why not drop the price to all customers. I get it that companies need to track their customers, they need to know what people are buying and when, yet …

Ten years ago this weekend

It had been a rough patch, those last few months. Maybe though, things were beginning to look up. I had a new job, The Runtyun’s mother seemed to have a good position. The Runtyun herself, was my pride and smile. Even the space shuttle, Columbia was completing another successful mission. Little did I know, like the shuttle, my life was going to crash and burn. Like most people, I did not really know what the shuttle was doing up there in space, nor did I really understand the calamity my life was crashing into. The shuttle was coming down that day and I was watching T.V., idly passing time before work while waiting for my babies' mother to come home and take the dayshift while I worked away at the new job. She was late, very late, the shuttle had gone missing and I was missing from my new job. The Runtyun was sleeping away, I could hear her soft breathing while updates were coming in. I would go over to her to try to find calm from her sweet and innocent slumber despite the inner fl…

It's So Frustrating

Charlie Brown has nothing on me with his football. The Democrats, who have been lead-on, mislead and abused, by the Republicans can only learn from my experiences. With Charley Brown, it’s the football, and with the Dems it is everything to do with compromise and moving goal posts. My wonderful daughter though, has given me a course to guide my life by, a beacon that illuminates our path into the future. Occasionally however, I let myself get distracted from my real and very important task of being a father. Mostly, this happens when I allow myself to be distracted by my more carnal nature and desire for adult companionship. Yes, I am a guy and sometimes a woman will be silly enough to realize this and want to spend time with me. These fleeting relationships way or another. Yet, my sunshine is always there, constant in her need and inconsistency and most importantly her unfiltered outlook on life...and her smile.
The other night, I had plans to see a special lady, yet there wer…