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Toys For Tots, 2012

I recieved an email from a friend yesterday asking if I was going to the T4T run here. I had been thinking about doing it, but it gets cold here in the morning and The Runtyun is not too fond of shivering. I was not sure what to do. Then Ashley asked what my plans were. I struggled with the whole thing for a few hours, and finally called some really good people and they jumped at the chance to help out. It turns out their daughter and mine are great friends at school. Can you say sleep over? After dropping The Runtyun off I was bound for Walmart to get something as an offering.  Finally the morning came and it was time to get going. 25 degrees and a solid frost on the grass. I have never found a decent pair of cold weather gloves and this was the day for it too. Let’s just say the coffee mug at theBreakfast Shop, in Swannaoa  did more than warm my insides. Ashley showed and breakfast was really great! Time went by, we went to the Harley Davidson of Asheville and looked around for a minute…