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My Last Post

In my last post, I talked about a friend I found on Facebook. I talked about about how happy I was to find him. Also, I related some feelings dredged from the depths of my brain. I also stated I wanted to start another post talking about some of the feelings and more powerful memories I was feeling because of those events. Through out the night, I was prewriting the post traveling around the paths of memories. Finally, I got to a point where I felt I could write something cohesive and maybe a little cathartic.
Then I decided to take a shower to get the shit of the day off my body.
Showers are beautiful things, they take the dirt and filth off ones body and allow a clean start. Unfortunately, they tend to cleanse the brain too. I lost the flow of thinking I had been cultivating throughout the evening.
It’s too bad I had to learn this lesson on this occasion, I think I could written something pretty good. I did try and get something down, but my words did not have the feeling I was cultivating. It was more suited for my personal journal.
In the past I have had other ideas that I have lost because I let too much time go by before putting these ideas into words. It has been a hassle sometimes and the  truth is...I should have learned this lesson long ago, so let’s hope maybe---this time.
It is interesting how the thought of an idea can float around my brain, it will grow and develop and sometimes it will blossom into a flower of beauty. However, if it is not picked a the right(write time), it will spoil and wilt to the memory of a beautiful bud.

Any thoughts? Let’s talk about ideas and how they grow and become whole or lost.


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