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It’s SO frustrating--- Women!!!

Though I am the father of a wonderful child, we have no mother around.  I have a daughter that is my responsibility, my inspiration, my muse and smile in the morning. The truth is I have difficulty taking care of myself, much less someone else. She is wonderful and so full of promise, but I worry I am stifling her growth. So I reach out to various places to find help and guidance. One place in particular is very important to my daughter and me. On and off this organization has been a very important influence in my growth as a person, I hope it will be a good influence for the Runtyun.
This organization has a youth program that The Runtyun is involved with...This is Great! It gives her a chance to be around positive people and have fun away from home. The director is fantastic and very dynamic. She has organized many fun events the kids love!
When the Runtyun got involved with it, I did a little Google search on the director---checked out Facebook too. I felt due diligence was the right thing to do. After all I am entrusting my most precious possession to her care, so five minutes search seemed appropriate.
I found out that she does not like men and is married...very happily, I will a true life partner.
Let me state here, for the record, I do not care about the sexual orientation of anyone. The truth is, I envy anyone who has a partner/lover they can count on. I will admit that when I first met her, I thought she was attractive, but left any other thoughts alone. Then I saw she was married...
The other day I was dropping off The Runtyun for an event with this kind lady. We rode up on my bike, The Grinner. As I was putting on my helmet to go off for ride while they were gone, she came to me and said that her “significant other, her wife” was thinking about getting a bike and would I be interested in helping her to find one. Of course I would. Anyone interested in learning about motorcycles is cool.
Now I am a little slow sometimes, so it took me a moment to realize this was a polite attempt to inform me that she is unavailable. (Please refer to the previous paragraph here.) I stewed on this for a bit trying to figure out a way to get the message to her that there was nothing to be concerned with. Finally, I let the whole thing go. (BTW, I still would like to help her get a new bike.)
A little while later, The Runtyun was to go to an event and I wanted to get some details straight, so I set out to talk with her. She was carrying a little bitty infant and they both looked so comfortable together, I had to say, “Wow, you guys look so natural together.”
Her reply was, “It’s a good thing I’m a lesbian, ‘cause I would have a dozen of them running around!” 
It seems that every time we have a conversation, she needs to remind me of this. Let me just say again, “I DON’T CARE!
it’s SO frustrating. 
I don’t want to have a close personal relationship with her and I don’t think I implied that I do. I respect her marriage, and even if I did not---she does not like guys!
All I want is to have a positive relationship with an influential person in my daughter’s life.
Maybe I just need to let her say these things and let it go with that. Perhaps she needs to put up a wall against men so they will not invade her space, and I get the fall out.

Any ideas out there? Truth is, I feel uncomfortable every time time she brings up her sexuality.


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