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What About 9-11?

I wrote this a couple of years ago on the anniversary of 9-11. However, a lot of these questions can still be applied after the last election.
I was riding on the highway getting wet from the rain when I let my mind wonder a little. Today is the ninth anniversary of the attacks against our way of life. I have avoided looking at the pictures that are being foisted upon us by the various media outlets. Actually, I am sitting on a porch listening to the rain fall from the sky. I am spending today as I would any other Saturday. I wonder, sometimes, what the motivation of the perpetrators of the attacks were thinking when they planned and murdered all of those people nine years ago. Did they really think their short sighted and vainglorious attacks would really bring down the United States of America? Did they think that acts of aggression would really cause our great nation to self-destruct? I was brought up as a Christian and have some of the sensibilities that come with that upbringing, bu…


I posted this one on another site. Wordpress is a good place to post, but I did not like the way my posts were rendered. I write my ideas on my own system and then import them, cut and paste really, onto the blog. Well I spent some time putting together templates in Pages (my word processor) and want to use what I have stitched together on my posts. Unfortunately Wordpress does not facilitate that ability, but Blogger does. I wanted to share some of my older posts here, however I have lost their formatting, so please deal with the plain-jane vanilla formatting. However please have a look at what I said and leave a comment!

Originally posted on, September 7, 2010

At the risk of starting out this blog in a more personal manner than I want it to go, I am going to talk a little more about myself and my goals for this blog, One Lone Castaway’s Rantings.(now Rants and Brain Echos) For the past too long, I have been going to school to figure out what it is that I want to do when I grow up. Lit…

My Last Post

In my last post, I talked about a friend I found on Facebook. I talked about about how happy I was to find him. Also, I related some feelings dredged from the depths of my brain. I also stated I wanted to start another post talking about some of the feelings and more powerful memories I was feeling because of those events. Through out the night, I was prewriting the post traveling around the paths of memories. Finally, I got to a point where I felt I could write something cohesive and maybe a little cathartic. Then I decided to take a shower to get the shit of the day off my body. Showers are beautiful things, they take the dirt and filth off ones body and allow a clean start. Unfortunately, they tend to cleanse the brain too. I lost the flow of thinking I had been cultivating throughout the evening. It’s too bad I had to learn this lesson on this occasion, I think I could written something pretty good. I did try and get something down, but my words did not have the feeling I was cultiva…

A friend lost, A friend found

A few years ago I had this musician friend, a bass player. He was the best. We worked together and drank together, and played many games of chess, too. He got me work and I got him some too. Back in the day I played at being a cook and so was Eric.  But mostly he was a musician. One time his band had a gig downtown at a bar I used to go to. This was when I was married. I would get off work and have a drink. This night however, my beautiful bride and I were out having a fine time, so we went to see Eric.  The band had played a set and was going back on stage for the next. Someone asked if they would play Melissa, by the Allmen Bros. The lead said he didn’t know the words. Eric stepped up and said he did. Cigarette in hand he walked onto the stage and waited for his band to follow. They tuned for a minute, then struck up the song. Some one asked Eric if he wanted them to take his cigarette. No reply. He looked at the band and rolled the cigarette out between his fingers. The butt stayed the…

It’s SO frustrating--- Women!!!

Though I am the father of a wonderful child, we have no mother around.  I have a daughter that is my responsibility, my inspiration, my muse and smile in the morning. The truth is I have difficulty taking care of myself, much less someone else. She is wonderful and so full of promise, but I worry I am stifling her growth. So I reach out to various places to find help and guidance. One place in particular is very important to my daughter and me. On and off this organization has been a very important influence in my growth as a person, I hope it will be a good influence for the Runtyun. This organization has a youth program that The Runtyun is involved with...This is Great! It gives her a chance to be around positive people and have fun away from home. The director is fantastic and very dynamic. She has organized many fun events the kids love! When the Runtyun got involved with it, I did a little Google search on the director---checked out Facebook too. I felt due diligence was the right …

A Little Ride in The Mountains

So I made the plunge the other day. I have been thinking about doing it for a while now, but for one reason or another I never done it. Maybe I was a little nervous about what would happen, maybe even a little scared. A lot of my trepidation had to do with the fact that I am becoming more and more like a hermit the older I get. I went online and had a look at Craigslist’s “women seeking men.”  Gasp! What was he thinking! The truth is I was drinking a little wine and I gotta admit that maybe I wasn’t thinkin’ so great! I saw an ad for some one wanting to talk. She sent a reply and we chatted through email Saturday night. Again, I had a little wine in my system. Well, I went to bed and woke early and decided that the day was just right for a ride. I let my new Craigslist friend know I would be her way in a little while and wondered if she would like a cup of coffee. I told her that I would be at coffee shop in her town in just a little while.  Turns out the place is closed on Sundays.  We ne…

Why do people do silly things?

I went to the vampire store and let them take my life’s blood today. This provided me with an opportunity to watch T.V., something I do not do very much. As it turns out, the procedure I endured takes a lot longer then normal, about 2 hours. I watched Pawn Stars. This program has everything that reality T.V. craves; middle aged stars whose children play a significant role, money, desperate people and conflict. I think I watched 3 episodes of that program. It seems people take various things to this pawn shop to get cash. Most of the merchandise they show is unique and interesting. Yet, I could not understand why they were taking things like a WWII mine training set, or a beat up old Buick to a place like that. In almost every case where a deal was made, the customer took less than one-third of their asking price. Now I understand why the pawn shop offers such low prices, they have to resell the item at a profit. But why would somebody sell something at such a devalued price? Are they so …

The First!

Well, let’s get this first Post out of the way and get on with everything!
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with my writing, and your finding me fascinating. Seriously, this is a place for everyone to read and help me to order my thoughts. I hope that if we do this, then maybe we all can get together and have a good conversation. ‘Nough of that silly stuff. I say, “Let’s get on with the blogging, reading and conversing!”
P.S. This site is still getting settled, so there may be changes, so please be patient. If you have suggestions or ideas to make it better here, leave a comment!